Parker Pastel


About This Model

During the later Duofold era, Parker developed a smaller second line to specifically attract women. This angle had not been their attention in the earlier years, and the euphemistic "DQ" (Duofold Quality) and Raven Black pens did not fill the gap. The Pastels were Duofolds in construction and general feature, but they had their own look and, more important, color palette. Pastels went through at least three redesigns in five years, but their colors were bright, including Apple Green, Beige Grey, Coral, Magenta, Mauve, and Naples Blue. Adding to the colors' allure was the Moire patter, thin vertical stripes of black appearing in random display. These were pretty pens, not often seen today in good condition.

About This Pen

This Pastel is in Apple Green, a ringtop model. Its celluloid is in pretty nice, if well used, condition. There is some wear if viewed closely, and the barrel is thoroughly darkened. That said, the moire pattern is clearly visible, there is no deterioration, and it’s a handsome pen! It’s a button filler that fills strongly. It’s the typical Parker ringtop size, 4.5″ long, and feels well balanced in the hand, although admittedly better when posted. The nib writes a fast XF/F, but is a bit wonky and needs the occasional hand straightening. This is a sweet pen that is not often seen, but not a heavy duty pen.

Price: $60

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