Parker Insignia Ballpoint

About This Model

The Insignia was a fine pen, made during tough times for Parker, 1991-2008. It inherited the design of the Parker 75, as well as its barrel and cap patterns, and was a very well made French pen. The Insignia, in a way, closed out a generation of Parkers following Kenneth Parker's death and significant corporate struggles. If found today, they are desirable, because they look modern but carry the heritage of older pens, a very attractive combination.

About This Pen

This is a very nice, elegant ballpoint, probably from 2006, from the final years of the Insignia after most of the model’s ornamentation had been removed. It is also a Flighter, in matte stainless steel, although not called such. The pen has very nice heft, feels good in the hand for a slim pen, and works very well.

Price: $40

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