Parker Duovac

About This Model

In the late 1930s, as the Vacumatic era dawned, the later Duofolds transitioned into the vertically striped Striped Duofolds, which appeared in two generations, the button-filled models and then, until 1948, as Vacumatic-filled models (now often called Duovacs). There has always been some confusion among the overlapping models of the 1940s, but to me, if it is a button filler it's a Striped Duofold; if a Vacumatic-filler it's a Duovac. The Vacumatic-imprinted vertically striped pens are Vacufolds, but even the experts admit that there are more variants than can be named. Their nibs are generally Duofold-firm, but an expressive surprise does occur.

About This Pen

USA, 1946. The Duovacs are a wonderful variant on the Vacumatic theme, vertically striped. They’re also more late Duofold than late Vacumatic, in fact Duofold with a Vacumatic filler. This pen is from 1946, with the later plastic filler. The striping colors are beyond my ability to identify them, so the description will stay as “very handsome.”

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