Parker Deluxe Challenger


About This Model

The Challenger was Parker's budget line during the Vacumatic era, using some of the Parker design elements in a more traditional, lower cost, and generally simpler pen. Challengers had several models in two generations:  the first Challengers and Deluxe Challengers had nice trim and a very attractive feel. The second model, from 1937 until Challengers were discontinued in 1940, were less ornate and looked more like Vacumatics, with a tapered "Parker" imprinted clip and generally a single cap ring.  They also sported an ink-view window.

About This Pen

Parker Challengers, although second level pens made during a restrained period, are nice pens and good writers. This example, a 1938 pen, is a button filler in green and pearl celluloid.  Its silver/nickel trim is in good condition. The pen does show age and steady use with some nicks and scratches that did not polish out. This imprint is complete, if shallow, and includes the date code on the far right. The silver/nickel trim includes the Parker-imprinted straight clip that was introduced in Challengers in 1937 and then used later in the postwar VS. That was new to me: I thought it was a VS clip until research proved it correct on this pen. The nib it came with is a Sheaffer 3, while not correct nib, it’s appropriate both for the pen’s year and price level. Indeed, it’s probably a better nib than the correct Parker, writing a very nice wet fine/medium. This is a nice pen, has a lot of use behind it, but there’s no reason it couldn’t have as much use ahead.

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