Parker Challenger


About This Model

The Challenger was Parker's budget line during the Vacumatic era, using some of the Parker design elements in a more traditional, lower cost, and generally simpler pen. Challengers had several models in two generations:  the first Challengers and Deluxe Challengers had nice trim and a very attractive feel. The second model, from 1937 until Challengers were discontinued in 1940, were less ornate and looked more like Vacumatics, with a tapered "Parker" imprinted clip and generally a single cap ring.  They also sported an ink-view window.

About This Pen

This Challenger is one of many that does not fit the typical models as marketed by Parker. In Burgundy celluloid, and a slim model, it has the expected features of a button filler and the late 1930s rounded sword clip. However, it does not have an inkview window, a Challenger standard; and it has three cap rings, which only the higher level Challengers had. The imprint doesn’t help, either — it says “Parker”. The year of manufacture, 1939, is certain: the “9” date code is clearly legible. This pen has seen wear, and has been chewed on a bit, but it cleaned up very nicely and has a very nice shine. The gold trim is in good condition, although the clip plate is a bit thin. The nib writes a wet, firm fine, a relatively fast writing pen. A good pen, from the years of Parker’s growth via the Vacumatic. Enjoy it!

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