Parker 88


About This Model

The 88 was a very steady seller for Parker from 1988 until after 2000. It was a Parker France designed pen, very attractive in various matte and lacquer colors over brass, and gold and silver plated. These were not cheap pens: their plate was 22K and the detailing was very handsome. The Rialto was continued with numerous color variations until 2006, when it was finally discontinued, notably at the same time as the 45.

About This Pen

The Parker 88 was introduced in 1987 in the UK as a successor to the Vector, a well-engineered, nice looking pen aimed at a middle market. It is a full-length (5.2″ long) and slim (.4″ wide) pen, made of epoxy resin over brass. The brass gives it substance and a very nice feel in the hand. Its trim is gold, and the longer Arrow clip is very attractive. This pen has been used so it shows some wear but nothing significant. Like almost every modern Parker, it writes very well, having a medium gold-plated steel nib that writes a butter-smooth, lush medium/broad line. This is a working pen with a strong friction grip that one can drop in a bag without fear.

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