Parker 88 Ballpoint

About This Model

The 88 was a very steady seller for Parker from 1988 until after 2000. It was a Parker France designed pen, very attractive in various matte and lacquer colors over brass, and gold and silver plated. These were not cheap pens: their plate was 22K and the detailing was very handsome. The Rialto was continued with numerous color variations until 2006, when it was finally discontinued, notably at the same time as the 45.

About This Pen

This Parker 88 is in matte black, an epoxy blasted coat over brass. It’s a very nice ballpoint, works well, has nice heft in the hand. Its actual date of manufacture is equivocal, since the engraved code on the cap is “YL”, which is 1986 in Parker-speak, but the pen was not made until at least 1988. So, its age will remain a minor mystery. It comes with a working refill.

Price: $40

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