Parker 65  


About This Model

The 65 was an English Parker, developed in the mid-1960s as a successor to the 61, which was largely unsuccessful, even with the innovative capillary filler. These were not easy years for Parker, as they struggled to maintain success. The 65 was meant to evoke the 51 but with a part 61-like/part 51 Aerometric filler. /they appeared in number of gold-filled decorative finishes, and sported semi-hooded nibs with some flex. 65s were produced well into the 1970s, with a raft of style and filler changes.

About This Pen

1968-72 UK-made Custom Insignia 65, 13.5cm long, probably gold-filled cap and body, with delicate, elegant full length “chasing” lines in groups of eight with open space separating each group. Mild personalization. 1960s Parker arrow clip. The nib is 14K, and writes a wet medium line with some flex. Showing only the microscratches of very light use.

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