Parker 51 “Demi”

About This Model

The Parker 51 is generally agreed to be one of the genuinely iconic fountain pens, for its timeless design, revolutionary construction, efficiency, unparalleled durability, and for being a great writer. It is also among the most sold pens of all time, having been available from 1941 until the early 1970’s, manufactured in plants around the world, and sold millions. Within each major model there are myriad combinations of color, cap, and other details that have made collecting 51s a serious sport around the world. 51s are available in two lengths: the typical 51 is 5.4" long, but demis, a half-inch shorter in cap and barrel, were also produced. They are excellent writers, hold a great deal of ink, and are great shirt/jacket pocket pens. Parker 51s are readily available today, although some of their colors and cap patterns are rare.

About This Pen

In 1947, and only for two years and in far smaller quantity, Parker introduced a shorter “demi” sized 51 MKI, a Vacumatic filling model. It only differs from the full-size Vacumatic 51 in barrel and cap length, so its overall length is 4 3/4″. (Its shorter size can be easily seen in the second photograph, next to a standard 51). This pen shows evidence of use, for sure, but other than a single smallish dent west of the clip on the Lustraloy cap, it has no significant marks or scratches. It cleaned up wonderfully, and has a very nice appearance. The imprint is complete, shows the first quarter 1948 date code quite clearly. The Vacumatic filler is strong, so the pen takes a large fill. The nib writes a standard fine, and is a very good, fast writer. The Demi 51s are not seen very often; with their shorter length, they make a wonderful pen for a shirt or jacket pocket. This is a pen that is ready for a new career, should write forever!

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