Parker 51


About This Model

The Parker 51 is generally agreed to be one of the genuinely iconic fountain pens, for its timeless design, revolutionary construction, efficiency, unparalleled durability, and for being a great writer. It is also among the most sold pens of all time, having been available from 1941 until the early 1970’s, manufactured in plants around the world, and sold millions. Within each major model there are myriad combinations of color, cap, and other details that have made collecting 51s a serious sport around the world. 51s are available in two lengths: the typical 51 is 5.4" long, but demis, a half-inch shorter in cap and barrel, were also produced. They are excellent writers, hold a great deal of ink, and are great shirt/jacket pocket pens. Parker 51s are readily available today, although some of their colors and cap patterns are rare.

About This Pen

This Parker 51 is a 1948 MKI, a Vacumatic filler. It is in Cordovan Brown, and is almost unmarked, in truly beautiful condition. The cap is appropriate for that period, a straight Arrow style, and in Lustroloy, brushed steel without ornamentation. The nib is also from 1948, and writes a wonderfully smooth, wet fine line. There is one quirk with this pen that was sufficiently annoying to warrant noting before a potential buyer does: the blind cap just does not quite fit perfectly; it’s off by a couple of thousandths of an inch, just enough to be seen and felt. It arrived that way and no amount of reinstallation fiddling would make it go away. So, its price was reduced to accommodate the flaw. Beautiful pen, will write well forever!

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