Parker 19 and Eversharp 10,000


About This Model

In the late 1950s, Parker acquired the remains of Eversharp from the Wahl company, and named the new division the Parker Eversharp Pen Company. One of their first products was the 10,000, the first of numerous pens of a wide range of Eversharp and Parker designs, but more importantly, Parker’s first cartridge filler (the marketing was 10,000 words in a cartridge) and the direct parent of the highly successful Parker 45. It didn’t last long: the 10,000 was gone by 1964 and the division closed by Parker in 1968. Another important part of the Eversharp purchase was its easily removable cartridge, which was integrated into a new plastic pen, Parker's first pen since the Vacumatic with an all plastic cap. The pen had been largely produced by Eversharp, and called the Big E, so Parker added its almost identical 19. The nibs are basically the same as those in the Parker 45, so these are wonderful writers, if perhaps not as durable as the 45.

About This Pen

Why are these Parker 19s listed with Eversharp 10,000s? Because, with some trim differences they are the same pens. Parker and Eversharp were combined operations during the early 1960s, and the 10,000′ design was brought into the twin Parker 19 and Eversharp Big E. All of these were Parker’s first plastic caps in many years, and the entire pen was made of extruded polystyrene plastic, all cartridge fillers. There are three or four different designs presented here, including the 19, Big E, 10,000, and two different Argentinian models for which model designations are not known. All will come with an empty Parker cartridge. Like the Esterbrooks, these have not yet been restored, so will be restored when purchased, and will look a lot better! They’re all good pens, with 45-style nibs, solid trim, and cosmetically good to excellent. 10% discount available for purchasing more than one! Click in to see the individual pen details.

Parkers: #1: grey, made USA, a bit of roughness but otherwise ok, fine nib. $30

#2: dark red, made Argentina, clean and unscratched, perhaps unused, fine nib. $40

#3: baby blue, made Argentina, has come use scratches, repaired hairline crack in cap, otherwise good, medium nib. $30

#4: red, made USA, has some use scratches, otherwise very good, fine nib. $36

#5: black, made USA, has some use scratches, otherwise very good, medium nib. $36.


#9: light blue Big E model: made USA, has apparently ineradicable marks on cap, otherwise good condition, still has price stamp, fine nib. $30

#10: black, gold chrome and silver clip, very good condition, medium nib. $38

#11: black, chrome trim, excellent condition, fine nib. $40

#12: ivory, chrome trim, visible areas darkened a shade, ivory under cap, fine nib $36

#13: light grey, excellent, fine nib. $40

Price: $38

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