Parker 180


About This Model

The Parker 180s were only made for eight years, 1977-85, but were successful during lean times for fountain pens. Indeed, they were not just competing with ballpoints, they were a statement: built strong and with a hardy two-way nib to withstand ballpoint writing habits. I've always been fond of the 180s, wrote with one for most of the 1990s. These pens are also slimmer than the typical fountain pen, a third of an inch across versus the typical .45-.5" They came in two nib combinations: extra fine/medium and fine/broad, and carried aerometric fillers. In the early years 180s came in a range of lacquered colors, and metal finishes made in France were added in the early 1980s. Very nice pens, fit well in a slimmer grip, very well balanced writers.

About This Pen

This pen is a 180 in Guirlande (garlanded) electroplated gold. It was made by Parker of France (and shows the proper gold mark), and is in shiny, essentially untouched appearance. Indeed, there is no evidence of prior use before it was tested for this listing. The garland finish is bright and unscratched, and feels very solid and comforting in the hand. Like all 180s, it is a slimmer, full length pen. The two-way nib is fine/broad, and both sides write wet and smoothly (check out the two widths on the writing sample). It comes with its original aerometric filler. Its bright finish notwithstanding, this is a pen that will hold up well in a bag or jacket pocket.

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