OMAS Italia 90

About This Model

Trying to briefly describe Omas is as challenging as describing Montblanc or Parker: there is too much history, too much production, too many years, too many models and sub-brands to discuss briefly. In addition, Omas bought parts from and sold parts to other companies, as is the tradition in Italy but not elsewhere. For this account, Omas was founded around 1920 by Armando Simoni in Bologna, and the name first appeared in 1925. Early Omas pens were made first in ebonite, in the Waterman style. then significantly that of Parker Duofolds, which formed the design for the Omas Extra. The Extra appeared in many forms, both cylindrical and faceted, until 1946, when it was changed to a piston-filler with a transparent barrel window. The Lucens and Extra Lucens line appeared in 1936; the Lucens was cylindrical and the Extra was faceted. Post WWII pens were tapered, and were piston fill pens called the 361. These were the major production through the 1950s. Omas maintained numerous sub-brands, including Minerva, Accossano, Erccolessi, Fips, Mengoni, Simplex, Kosca, The Scotland, and even Parker, with some unspecified relationship to the American company.

About This Pen

Italy, 1990. The Omas Italia 90 Special Edition Fountain Pen was designed to commemorate the World Cup Championships held in Italy in 1990. One of the first special edition pens produced by OMAS, limited to collectors, World Cup Officials and players in token of appreciation. The green resin is meant to recall the playing field! It’s a wonderful writer, beautifully responsive nib.

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