About This Pen

NoName pens are always fun, and a bit of a mystery. Surely every NoName had a name, was made in a factory and was on some company’s pricelist…so why isn’t it branded? This is a distinctive NoName, 4⅝” long with a black plastic cap, look-like Sheaffer Marine Green plastic rolled from sheet in the middle, and black plastic at the bottom of the barrel. My guess is that this is a Depression-era pen; inexpensively made 1920s components, 1930s nib. But, that’s just a guess. It is shiny, looks really nice with a touch of elegance. The cap ring and clip are knurled; cap ring looking a little industrial and the clip like a necktie; there is a spot of corrosion on the clip. The nib is marked “Duraloy 6”, “Made in USA”, and, curiously “6268”. The nib, which is most likely plated, is in nice condition, and writes a firm extra fine.

Price: $45 Sold

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