NoName “Original”

About This Model

Often called "Third Tier", these are the pens that collectively were the best sellers of their day, but also the least durable, least special, most poorly designed, and the cheapest. The 1930s were a period of constrained cash flow and, later, supply chain issues with the war industry diverting manufacturing parts. Calling them "Third Tier" implies that there were true first and second tier pens, a subject that has never been resolved among pen people. These are the pens that one owned but use with pride; they were utilitarian, often frank copies of higher quality pens. They carried many different names, including American, Arnold, Diamond Medal, Dixie, Eagle, Majestic, Spors, Stratford, Travelers, Waltham, Welsh; some carried names to evoke good thoughts, like Accurate and Smooth Point. Major manufacturers, including Arnold, National, and Salz made multiple lines and brands of inferior pens and jobbed parts and whole pens under multiple names. In short, for the most part, these were inferior pens, made inexpensively, usually with untipped nibs, and sold as cheap commodities to work without distinction. Surprisingly, many thousands survive today, and with restoration and attention, work very well!

About This Pen

This is a nice NoName pen, in green and white marbled celluloid, and is curious in that I have no memory of its acquisition.  The pen is very attractive, showing zero evidence of prior use. Its green and white celluloid is completely unmarked and without any scratching from use or storage. It’s a simple lever filler, probably from the 1930s, in wrapped celluloid. This pen is additionally curious because it carries its original sac! One disassembles an old pen with the expectation of finding either a pile of ossified chips or a gooey mess, but not this time. This pen’s sac is an orange rubber material, completely patent and flexible, still drawing ink perfectly.  As a result, not wanting to upset a good thing, I left it in place, and will warranty the sac for a whole year after purchase. The trim is like the rest of the pen, completely clean and unmarked. In addition, this NoName writes a rich, even luscious, medium line with its apparently unused untipped nib. Nice pen, ready for use after 60 years!

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