About This Pen

This is one of those NoName pens that has probably spent the last eighty years moving from junk drawer to junk drawer but is just too good and too interesting to consign to parts. It is clearly 1930’s, its age manifest by its thick celluloid, necktie-style clip, ornamented cap ring, and “Iridium” branded nib. Its green marbled celluloid body is wrapped diagonally, as is commonly seen in lower quality production. Curiously, both crown and tassie are a full quarter-inch wide, and appear to be colored black or deep brown over the green celluloid, one guesses to look like separate, more costly additions. Part of this pen’s charm is that the black is wearing thin on the edges, revealing the marbled green underneath and creating a comfortable old shoe appearance. The trim, as one would expect, is missing metal but complete. The nib is bright gold plate, probably tipped with iridium given its imprint, and writes a very nice fine line! Do note that it writes better for an underhanded righthander. Buy this pen, drop it in your jacket pocket, and enjoy it! Click the title to see more details.

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