No-Name “Orange”


About This Pen

There is a great deal of wonderful pen history around orange pens, dating back to Parker’s early red hard rubber pens and Sheaffer’s coral 46’s. Pen manufacturers in the 1930s wanted to push forward while offering glamour and a bit of sentimentality, so numerous coral and orange celluloid pen models were produced. This NoName is a full-girth ringtop, only 4.3” long but a full half inch thick just below the cap edge. In celluloid, it is very solidly constructed. Both cap crown and tassie are black celluloid and the gripping section is of thick black hard rubber. Its clip and cap ring are clean and without tarnish. There is a bit of age wear, but no significant scratches to mar its clean finish. The nib is quite large, marked “Regal, 14k Gold Filled”, with a small diamond pattern near the base; it shows some evidence of prior adjustment. The nib writes a nice fine line with a surprising bit of flex.

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