No-Name “12-Side”


About This Pen

Pens like these occupy their own places in our history and deserve use. This pen is actually interesting, because it doesn’t give away any clues to identifying its manufacturer. In addition, faceted barrels were rarely seen in NoNames, because they cost more to make, so what is it? It packs a lot of styling into its 4.75” length — 12-sided black/grey/red midsection, black barrel and matching black cap, crown and base, both with six rings inscribed and matching smooth black crown/tassie. My guess, from the plastic, is that this is a 1940s pen, but that is a guess. This pen shows some wear, for sure, but not in significant scratches or gouges. The faceting ends under the cap edge, leading to a smooth black plastic section that is not a perfect fit into the barrel. Two cap rings are missing. The nib is a spoon-nib, not tipped but a tip is formed by pressing a spoon shape into the top just before the tip. And, it’s Warranted, although the reason for its warranty is not clear since this is clearly a steel nib. All of that said, it writes a spoon-nib line: firm and fine to extra fine. This pen is meant for a right-handed underwriter who wants to give it a new home and career.

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