Nicer Mechanical Pencils I

About This Pen

This batch of assorted mechanical pencils, which have arrived one by one over years, has found its chance to be inspected and listed. Actually, these are the working survivors; those that look good but don’t work now may appear at a later date if they can be made to work.  All come with at least one lead, unless specified otherwise, all take .9mm/.036” leads. Priced individually, take a one-third discount when purchased with a For Sale or Bargains fountain pen or another of this group.

Note: The NIcer Mechanical Pencils II post is a continuation of this post.

Feel free to ask for pictures of any individual pencils.

 #1 Autopoint: Bell Systems pencil, green plastic. Looks 1940s; has spherical crown, looks to have been connected by chain although there is no mount or broken link.  Good solid pencil. $15

#2 Avon: 1930s, low quality brand, marbled green celluloid. Pencil is complete, trim nice condition, works. This pencil uses 1.15mm leads.  $12

#3 Parker: half of a 1950s 51 MKII set, in Cedar Blue. Well worn but looks good, works well.  $25

#4 Parker: 1930s Duofold in Jade permanite, missing its clip, has imprint. Well nibbled, but works well. Has two spare leads, probably original. $12 

#5 SAMCO: in marbled green celluloid, imprinted for J. Knauber Lithographing in Milwaukee, probably 1930s. $15

#6 Sheaffer Lifetime Fineline: late 1930s-early 1940s, came in black, blue, red for those color leads! This one is in black, quite nice, works well. $15

#7 Sheaffer Balance pencil: in Red Veined Grey Pearl with nickel trim, 1936. Works well, $20

#8-#10 Sheaffer Fineline Utility Pencils: (3) 1940s, all working well: Sheaffer branded, imprinted for Moloney Electric Company, a Canadian transformer manufacturer, in green; Sheaffer branded, in red; Fineline branded, in blue. $12 each, 2 for $20. 

#11 Sheaffer: (2) later 1940s-early 1950s, in brown and black. Very nice condition, work well. $20 each, both for $30.

#12 (horizontal at bottom) Unbranded chromed, probably 1930s: cheap pencil, has nice overlay, works well! $10 or free with For Sale or Bargains pen purchase.

Price: $20

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