Nicer Mechanical Pencils II

About This Pen

This is the continuation of Nicer Mechanical Pencils I,

This batch of assorted mechanical pencils, which have arrived one by one over years, has found its chance to be inspected and listed. Actually, these are the working survivors; those that look good but don’t work now may appear at a later date if they can be made to work.  All come with at least one lead, unless specified otherwise, all take .9mm/.036” leads. Priced individually, take a one-third discount when purchased with a For Sale or Bargains fountain pen or another of this group. As additional pencils arrive or appear, they will be added to this listing. 

Feel free to ask for pictures of any individual pencils.

#13: NoName pencil, probably 1930s, with scalloped gold overlay on black celluloid. It is very handsome in quite nice condition.  $20

#14: Little Japanese pencil. Pretty well describes this interesting pencil. It is probably from the 1930s-early 1940s, has no markings except “Japan”. 3″ long, with a ring-top. Works well. $20

#15: Papermate: sturdy, well-made pencil from the 1990s. It has a black plastic barrel and silver chrome cap. Internally, there is a repeater mechanism.  $13

#16: Majestic: typical third-tier manufacture, probably originally part of pen and pencil set. In blonde and black celluloid, decent condition. $15



Price: $15

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