early 1930s

About This Model

The Morrison's (sometimes known as Morrison) Fountain Pen Company was almost unnoticed for many years, really until Richard Binder’s interest and research into things-World War II brought it to life. He has championed the Patriot models, each dedicated to an armed service during World War II, and these are described best at The earlier pens were all ebonite, often with nice-looking but very thin (1/40) gold plate overlays. Morrison's had a bit of fame with their 1930's Black Beauty, a full-size ebonite pen with a white celluloid ring at the crown; and, the Tourist from the 1930s was a surprisingly nice oversize pen in red and black hard rubber as well as celluloid. Otherwise, most of their history was undistinguished.

About This Pen

This Morrison is solid, a good writer; it was initially sold in 1933, as seen in the original warranty receipt that, along with its original box comes with the pen. It is in drab grey, presaging their military colors, and was a ladies’ pen. However, it is missing the ring in the cap. The imprint is clear and complete. The gold trim is complete and very clean, and the barrel and cap cleaned up very nicely, although there are several deep-ish scratches near the barrel end, probably from posting. I never recommend posting, but it is going to likely be necessary with this pen, since it is 4 1/8” capped and 3 3/4” uncapped. The nib is a warranted 14K, and it writes a wet fine with some flex. A nice little pen you won’t see often.

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