About This Pen

This little pen is a Morgan. They were probably made in the 1930s, have been listed as one of the smaller pen manufacturers in lower Manhattan in the 1920s, disappearing by the mid-1930s. This little guy has a wet, soft, broad Wahl flexible nib, surely an improvement over its original. This is not a pen for a lefty overwriter, because the combination of its 4 1/8″(10.5cm) length and the extraordinary amount of ink it uses will make it impossible to keep your hand out of the way. All of that said, it is a pretty celluloid pen in light moss green with reddish brown veining, with gold trim in ’20s style, a big ball-end clip and 1/8″ wide cap ring with pretty cutouts in the metal. The celluloid is in generally nice condition, but there is a bit of spreading around the lever opening. The clip was straightened during but the wound still shows. The nib is short but quite substantial, over a 1920’s solid feed. Since Morgan was about the highest one could search for a name that meant success in those days, one might guess that could be the origin of the manufacturer’s name. The pressure bar is quite short, will need an extra pump on the lever to fill. Enjoy it!

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