Moore 94-A


About This Model

Moore was one of the early fountain pen manufacturers, a major player in the early years, then less so as the "Big 4" dominated after the late 1920s. Even as a progressively lesser brand, Moore pens were successful from the early 1900s until the 1940s. They pioneered some designs in safety pens, and their hard rubber pens were very nice. The later Tuscan, 94, and 96 celluloid models were very nice, but too much of Moore's output was pedestrian. It is probably true that poor marketing and stiff competition blocked them from success. Unable to do more than follow industry trends and keep up with the leaders, Moore faded as a brand. Moore's post-WWII Fingertip model was a new use of a hooded nib, but too late. Moore survived until the late 1950s.

About This Pen

The Moore 94/96 pens from the WWII years were typical Moores: well made, write well, have proven durability. As noted in the brand description, the worst one can say about Moore pens is that they couldn’t compete with Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman’s, Wahl-Eversharp. The 94s closely resembled Wearever Deluxe 100s in appearance but are made with thicker celluloid — 5″long, 1/2″ thick, vertically striped in greens, gold trim. This 94-A is in very nice condition: shiny, clean, no significant marks. The Moore Pen Co. imprint is clear if shallow. The gold trim is very nice and untarnished; no missing metal. The trim carries Moore’s grooves: vertical in clip and lever, radial in cap ring, and concentric on the crown. The nib is Moore’s own Maniflex, and writes as its name implies: very fine, firm, and sharp with a touch of flex. A good pen to use steadily and carry around with you.

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