Marlen Basilea


About This Model

Marlen is a modern Italian fountain pen manufacturer, and a maker of exquisite pens with ornate and classical designs. The company has been in existence since 1982, producing all of their own parts in Sant'Arpino, Caserta, Italy. Their pens are produced in relatively small editions.

About This Pen

The Marlen fountain pens are usually striking in their appearance, whether because of quiet elegance or over-the-top styling. The collezione Basilea is of the former category. They first appeared in 2003, full-size pens in black resin with red celluloid crown and cap ring set off by silver trim. While the line has undergone some redevelopment since then, this pen is a full-size example from the original group, No. 1590. It is 13.8cm long and 1.5 cm wide, with a mildly bulbous appearance that slopes down to fit under the cap and to the blind cap. Its 18k nib writes a smooth medium line with a hint of shading; the nib feels wonderfully soft. The pen found me as genuine old store stock, in its original box, and is unmarked by any use wear. After the nib was repaired by nibmeister Joshua Lax, it received several fills’ worth of careful use by me, so is quite close to being a new pen. So, this is from my personal collection, being released to a new owner who will give it the attention it deserves. It’s a wonderful writer, enjoy it!

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