Lamy 47 Ratio


About This Model

Lamy is a major fountain pen manufacturer in Germany today, but it is a relative newcomer, having been opened by Josef Lamy in 1930 in Heidelbeg with the Orthos Fabrik, manufacturing Orthos and Artus. The Artus brand was a major brand throughout the war years, yielding to Lamy 27 in the early 1950s. The 27 was the beginning of Lamy's role as an innovator with every new model as well. 1966 brought the Lamy 2000, which, along with the Parker 51, is probably one of the two most innovative and durable models ever made. Built on Bauhaus principles, it is clean, functional rather than decorative, and made with superb engineering. The pen is still made today, with relatively minor improvements. the Lamy Safari, an inexpensive, wonderfully made pen that is very popular today, has been produced since 1980, and is often called the best pen for less than $30. Since 1980, Lamy's innovations have been in design, technology, and manufacturing.

About This Pen

Lamy is a German pen manufacturer that is famous for outstanding, foresightful engineering and for sticking with durable models for decades.  The Ratio was a sub-model of the 47 line, which was available throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a very well-made school pen. This pen, 13cm long and in dark blue, is largely of injected-molded plastic with a steel cap. Like many German pens, it is a piston filler, and a very efficient one at that. The nib is original, of gold, and writes a fine line. It is a great writer. It has a subtle inscription, of a former owner at an address in the Netherlands (that apparently is available for rent).

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