Lady Sheaffer


About This Model

Sheaffer produced a variety of Lady fountain pens from the late 1950s through the 1960s. They were quintessentially of their time, and available in a wide range of appearances. Generally without clips (this is not the Sheaffer Milady Balance!), they were in brightly colored plastics or brushed metallic finishes, some had faux diamond belts around the midsection, some had other "jewels" attached to their barrels. In today's world it's hard to understand that these fit their, or any, time, but they did.

About This Pen

Ah, 1960 was such a great year…it was the year Sheaffer produced the Lady Sheaffer! This wonderful pen was actually part of Sheaffer’s Skripsert line, and their Lady Sheaffer catalog included 21 distinct models, of which this is Model XVI. A cartridge filler that is 5⅜” long, it was clearly marketed as a fashion accessory. It’s not my habit to do so, but this time I’ll quote the catalog: “Cap and barrel in Moire decorative filigree band, with brilliants and a Mandarin Red gripping section.” Can’t say it better than that! But wait, this pen also has one of Sheaffer’s best nibs, a Triumph, with its characteristic up-slope that writes a smooth fine/medium line. I should add that a couple of the “brilliants” are missing, and there is a small crack in the bottom portion of the barrel that has been repaired and won’t cause future trouble. All in all, this is a great writer that will complete your evening-out accessories!

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