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Timsvintagepens is not a modern pens restoration and sales practice, but modern pens inevitably find their way to Timsvintagepens. My dividing line between modern and vintage pens is usually the absence of a latex sac and a sac filling mechanism; instead, they usually have cartridge/converters, pistons or captured pistons. Modern, larger batch pens are only rarely made of ebonite or celluloid, are usually made of acrylic resins.

About This Pen

As happens here at Timsvintagepens, modern pens sometimes arrive hidden under the vintage, so they get offered as well! Jinhaos are often wonderful pens, say what one will about the cost of their labor. This is no exception: very solidly constructed, beautiful appearance, outstanding writers. This handsome pen is substantial: almost 14cm (5.5″) long and 1.4cm (.53″) wide just below the cap ring, but very well balanced. It’s in ivory acrylic, with gold streaks in the ivory, set off by gold-plated trim. The crown and tassie are black, separated by brass rings. The cap ring is quite wide, with JINHAO engraved in the center section. The clip is strong, flat gold plate with what is believed to be the Jinhao logo engraved. The nib is quite large, marked Jinhao 18k GP, and it writes wonderfully, a full medium that is pleasingly firm. It comes with its original converter. Has been used, very lightly.

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