Harris University

late 1920s

About This Pen

J. Harris was a pre-Depression New York City pen manufacturer, one of many. It is best known for its later third tier Majestic brand, of which many were quite good but not remarkable. Its earlier incarnation was as Harris, and their 1920s brand was the University. Harris transitioned early from ebonite to celluloid, often keeping the chased patterns in black celluloid that were used earlier in black hard rubber. This lever-filled pen, 3.2” long capped, is one of the celluloid models from the late 20s, a ringtop in shiny chased black, with, curiously, a very interesting jade celluloid crown. The highly decorative imprint is deep and complete. It is in very nice condition, with no significant marks or nicks. The crown has a line that might be a fault in the celluloid, but it appears stable. The ring is present in the crown. The warranted 14K nib writes a wet medium to broad line, with some flex. It needs to be used by a right-hander (I am an overwriting lefty, so pull a pen to write…).

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