Gold Bond Stonite


About This Model

Gold Bond was a model line of the National Pen Company in Chicago.  National was a store brand manufacturer, producing a wide range of models and names for Sears Roebuck, Montgomery Ward, and others from the 1920s until after WWII.  Their brands included Gold Bond, Webster, Lincoln, Good Service,and Gold Medal; Gold Bond were perhaps their nicest, particularly those in the "Stonite" jade celluloid, some of which carried three gold rings near the top of the cap, perhaps emulating the contemporaneous Moores.   Finally, as catalog pens, they also came in different girths and lengths.   Survivors are still often found in pretty good condition.

About This Pen

This is, I believe, National Pen’s largest Gold Bond, at 5⅜” long.  In National’s “Stonite” jade celluloid, this is one of the nicer jades I have restored. It is a little darker overall than Sheaffer’s jades, but I believe, since the tone is even throughout, that this was its color, not a lighter tone that had darkened from age and deterioration. There is no deterioration in the celluloid, which is unusual for the 1920s jades. It has three handsome gold rings on the top of the cap; these would show very clearly in a man’s jacket pocket.  All of the trim is gold and very clean, no tarnish or missing plate (assuming it is plated and not 14K; it is unmarked.) The nib is marked “Warranted 14k”, and “8”, which appears to match its size. It writes a wet medium with some flex, a dignified writer. This is an unusually nice example of a late 1920s pen that can be used; give it a case to protect the finish.

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