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Pens of unknown brands usually find their way to Tim’s Bargains…but not this time. No complete references to Gaylord turned up, so since this looks like a typical late 1920’s-early 1930’s flat-topped pen, one has to ask “what other brand does it resemble?” It clearly looks like a National Pen Products pen, the clip has the same floral design I’ve seen before in National’s Lincoln pens, and the pen resembles Lincolns as well as other National pens. National produced many different brands and probably jobbed and bought parts as well, so I can’t identify it any further. However, it’s a large pen, 5 ½” long capped and just over .5” thick below the cap, and it is well balanced and does not feel heavy in the hand. It is very clean and shiny; there are no disfiguring scratches or nicks. The Gaylord script imprint is complete and clear, and the floral clip imprint is very clear. There is a bit of missing plate from the clip. This pen does not have its original nib, but the Eversharp 14K nib it came with is most likely a huge improvement over whatever it had originally; it writes a full wet medium with a hint of line variation. Delightful pen.

Price: $110 $95 Sold

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