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There is very little known about Ford’s fountain pens. In fact, I’ve found only one web page that refers to them, and while their origin is not definitive, J.E. Hubbard’s ( theory makes some sense. He believes that Ford’s pens were made by the same company that produced the better-known Artcraft pens in the late 1920s-1930s; Artcraft was owned by Ford Cromer, and these pens are strikingly similar. The possessive name is too close to be from a different source. This pen, although not pictured in the Hubbard site, is clearly of the same marbled blue and gold celluloid as the combo pen in his picture and the pen’s shape and clip font are the same. Like Mr. Hubbard, I’d be pleased to learn more! At any rate, this is a decent bargain pen, in user condition, with no significant scratches or nicks. There is a bit of missing plate on the trim and the clip is bent 1/16” away from the barrel (I’m loath to remove or bend clips in old third tier pens…) Its nib, however, is very nice — it writes a very nice, wet, fine flex line!

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