Eversharp Symphony Set

About This Model

Known today as Eversharp's last important pen, the Symphony was the successor to both the Fifth Avenue and the Skyline, first appearing in 1948 and disappearing only four years later. By the moment of its appearance, Eversharp was operating from far behind, having failed commercially with both the Fifth Avenue and their large investment in the CP ballpoint. In addition, the Parker 51 was an overwhelming success, and their look was strikingly similar. The Symphony was a Loewy-designed pen but it was a conventional lever-filler when the buying public did not want to do anything the old way. In addition, although the design was improved steadily over three generations and multiple models, its quality was not as good as Parker's and Sheaffer's, and Eversharp could not compete. Finding one in good condition today is an unusual event, but they are nice pens to use, and like all Eversharps, very good writers.

About This Pen

The Eversharp Symphony was, as noted, Eversharp’s last major product. The Skyline’s success came too late, and tight on the Skyline’s proverbial heels came the Symphony in 1948. Over four years, there were three generations, each a bit leaner in detail than its predecessor. This pen is a 703 Deluxe Pen and Pencil set, probably from 1951. It is in Burgundy polystyrene plastic, a lever filler after lever fillers were no longer made by Parker and Sheaffer, and an open-nibbed pen. The cap is two-toned brushed steel and gold, by now missing the “slipper” design of just three years earlier. Notwithstanding, this is a very nice, unusually clean pen. The cap is without use wear, the body is very shiny and without marks or scratches. Like the Skylines, it is a well made lever-filled pen, writes well. Its nib is a firm fine, some might think it’s an extra fine; it’s a fast writer.
The matching pencil, a repeater, is also included. It works well, with 1.15mm lead. The pencil is included at no extra charge. This is an attractive set from a venerable firm at the end of its string. It will take steady use and hard writing.

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