Eversharp Skyline


About This Model

Eversharp Skylines were an adventure in supermodern design in the early 1940s. Eversharp, too often a step behind Parker and Sheaffer, planned to steal a step with the Skyline. Their appearance is striking: long conical shape with graceful transition from cap to barrel; a beautiful look. In addition, these pens were early experiments with polystyrene barrels, which over time proved to have shrinkage issues. Most Skylines seen today show some shrinkage. This problem aside, they are excellent writers, particularly their EF and Manifold nibs. They came in a range of sizes, colors, and cap patterns. The Skyline line also appealed to the post-war executive and new corporate culture, with the Presentation and Command Performance models, in 14k, and slight additions to the trim. Although Skylines were a significant step in pen design, and sold successfully, they only lasted for five years, to be replaced by the Eversharp Symphony in 1948-49.

About This Pen

Many of the Skylines sold here have been quite worn and exhibiting significant barrel shrinkage. Not so with this one! This demi-sized pen, at 4 7/8” long, is a beauty from crown to end. It is a later Skyline in black polystyrene, with a gold-filled grooved cap. The cap is personalized with the name “Ezileda Mattocks” on the rim, and the engraving is very well done and unobtrusive. The cap and lever are completely clean, no tarnish or missing plate. The plastic barrel is clean and unmarked. The nib is like many Skyline nibs: firm but not too firm, and writes an extra fine line, a nice fast writer.

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