Esterbrook V-Clip


About This Model

The V-Clip was Esterbrook's first self-filling fountain pen, introduced in 1932 after decades as the world's production leader in dip pens and nibs. It is identified by the steel v-shaped clip with the large open triangle. They were produced in marbled celluloid and in ebonite. Esterbrook soon realized that this clip design was a failure, and after only two years replaced the V-Clips in 1934 with the more familiar Dollar pen, with the two rounded holes in the clip. Today, V-Clips are rarely available in good condition, and the celluloid models are especially rare.

About This Pen

This Esterbrook V-Clip is a rare pen indeed. It’s in the classic early “marine green” celluloid (Sheaffer’s name for it), and shows no evidence of prior use. It is the typical size of an early Esterbrook, 4.7″ long capped and .4″ wide just below the cap edge. It does have a professionally executed personalization, “J.B.”, but this does not mar the pen’s beautiful appearance. Given the pen’s age and the immaturity of the early celluloids, one should suspect there is deterioration; in fact, it’s possible that a few of the brightest pieces of the marbling are lightly deteriorated, but there is no visible cracking or webbing, even under bright magnification. The steel V-clip is not bent, and the crown, cap ring, and lever are all clean. As always with my Esterbrook sales, select a nib from the nibs listing in Tim’s Bargains. This is a pen that would be a perfect present for an Esterbrook collector; to that end, it can be delivered without a sac and it comes in an Esterbrook box.

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