Esterbrook Pastels


About This Model

Esterbrook Pastel pens were made during the 1950’s, and are actually J family pens. They came in a range of colors that included lilac, pink, peach, blue, mint green, a putty color, and white, perhaps others. Designed for ladies’ purses, they came in plastic cases and are slightly smaller than the SJ, 4 ⅜” versus the SJ’s 4 ¾”. There were also two generations, the first with J-like black jewels, and later ones in colors that matched the pens. Take a bit of care with Pastels; they’re made of softer plastic and wear very easily. In addition, they often appear with cracking at the cap or barrel edges.

About This Pen

These are the Esterbrook Pastels that are currently available, from left to right in the picture:

1.1st Gen CH.Putty, has micro-wear and nibbles on cap near jewel. Jewels good. Clip and spade lever good. $45

5.1st Gen CH. Putty, has micro-wear. Some darkening base of barrel threads a few nibbles near tassie.  Jewels good. Clip and spoon lever good. $45

6.1st Gen CH. Mint Green, has micro-wear, wear staining above cap ring, micro-cracking around crack edge. Jewels good. Clip and spoon lever good. $45

7.White, 1st Gen CH. Has micro-wear, some light cracking around cap edge. Jewels, good. Clip and spoon lever good. Has “Educational Sample” imprint. $50

8.2d Gen CH. Green, with green jewels. Has micro-wear. Some barrel thread wear.  Jewels good. Clip and spoon lever good. $60

9.1st Gen CH. Putty, very little micro-wear. Darkening at bottom of barrel, and a mild 2.5cm stain streak across airhole. Jewels good. Clip and spade lever good. $45

10.1st Gen Ch. Mint Green, has micro-wear, no obvious marks. Jewels good. Clip and spoon lever good. $55

12. 1st Gen CH. Yellow, black jewels. Very little microwear, no previous use. $60

14. New! 1st Gen CH, mint color. Almost no microwear, but cap edge has three minor cracks, only one of which is through the plastic. It shows zero evidence of previous use. $55

Price: $60

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