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Esterbrook nibs, with a few exceptions, generally come in three levels, pre-WWII 1xxx, post-WWII 2xxx, and 1960s 9xxx, which are iridium tipped.  9xxx are generally very nice, firm and smooth but not butter-smooth, 2xxx nibs are not tipped so are a bit softer and not as smooth, but with a little tuning and a chance to get accustomed to your hand, become very smooth one-user nibs (2556 and 2668 are among my favorites). 1xxx are also not tipped and not as soft as 2xxx, but are very serviceable nibs.  1xxx, except for those listed below, are generally not sold.  Feel free to ask if you have one in mind.  Available nibs and pricing details are found by clicking into the details.

Nibs included with pen price:  Firm Extra Fine 2550, Firm Fine 2555/2556, Firm Medium 2668, Firm Extra Fine 9450/9550, Firm Fine 9555/9556, Firm Medium 9668. 1960s Esterbrook (branded but not numbered) are available in Medium and Fine, and Venus (purchased Esterbrook in the late 1960s and rebranded their nibs) are available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad.

Nibs available with extra cost: $20: Flexible EF Falcon 2048, Firm Bold 2960/2968, Manifold Medium 9460, Manifold Fine 9461. $30: Relief Stub 2314F, 2314M, and 2314B, Falcon Stub 2442, $40: Extra Fine Flexible 9128, Shaded Writing 9048, Relief Medium Stub 9314M, 9788 Extra Flexible Medium, 9968 Firm Bold. $60: Firm Extra Fine 3550 Sunburst. Actual inventory varies on sales, so ask if you want something not listed here. Please note that Esterbrook nibs are priced to be sold with Esterbrook pens; add $20 to the listed price without a pen purchase.

Gold Nibs in Esterbrook Nib Units: A craftsman has placed gold vintage nibs in Esterbrook nib units with Esterbrook feeds, and I’m able to make them available. Feel free to buy them without buying an Esterbrook pen! The remaining nibs from this group are: Parker Vacumatic $60; Parker Duofold $50; Sheaffer Lifetime standard size very firm extra fine $60; Sheaffer 3 firm fine $50, Eversharp (probably Skyline) firm fine $55.  All sold.

Wait, there’s more! Osmiroid calligraphy nibs are also available; they’re wonderful writers.  Please ask for details; many are base price and a couple have minimal premiums.  A multiple pen purchase will include one or more as a bonus.

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