Esterbrook Dollar

About This Model

Esterbrook Dollar pens were their second series of fountain pens, after the V-Clips. The Dollars were named for their price in 1934, when they first appeared. They came in three sizes, full-size (B), slender (A), and demi (H). Some of the earlier pens were made of hard rubber, although celluloid was predominant. Their trim, unlike the later Js, was of nickel plated metal, not stainless steel. In 1942, the caps became bandless in the war economy, until 1946, when the J Family pens superceded them altogether.

About This Pen

The Esterbrook Dollars shown in this picture represent almost all of my Dollars. They are at least a decade, most more, older than the Js, and as noted above, had a world war’s manufacturing experience between the two groups. This group covers the available range pretty well: in most colors and most sizes, including at least one made in hard rubber. Dollars do differ from the later Js in one important aspect: their trim is chrome plated metal, not stainless steel seen in all Js and later models. Do note that, like the Js, these have not yet been restored, although every one in this group is believed to be fully restorable. As with all other Esterbrooks, remember to choose a nib from the Nibs listing.  Their price is listed as $60, but this is a sample price: actual pricing will range from $45-$95, depending on condition and scarcity.

Price: $60

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