Esterbrook Deluxe

About This Model

The Esterbrook Deluxe, contrary to the thinking of many, was not a successor to the Esterbrook J -- it was contemporaneous. The Deluxes first appeared in 1949, with the SM; the LK models appeared in 1955. In appearance Deluxes were part Parker 51, with their steel caps over dark bodies; but part J, with stainless levers, "Esterbrook" engraved clips, and dual Esterbrook jewels. At some point, the SM caps changed from friction fit to threaded, and the later caps were threaded. Very good pens, well constructed, and used Esterbrook standard nibs. Most Deluxes I've seen appear to be in a later plastic than celluloid, and so scratch very easily.

About This Pen

USA, 1950s. The Deluxes were Esterbrook’s homage to the Parker 51. It’s the only one I’ve seen in this deep deep blue pattern.

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