Eggens-Hambler Ringtop

early 1930s

About This Pen

Eggens-Hambler was one of the many small 1920s fountain pen manufacturers and jobbers in New York City, and their factory was in nearby Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The principals were former Waterman’s employees. They produced pens of medium quality, including some sterling silver and gold-filled ringtops. They disappeared in the Depression, and their pens are rarely seen today.  This pen, a sterling silver overlay ringtop, is quite nice. At 4 3/16” long capped, it is a little longer than the typical Waterman’s. Its section and barrel under the overlay appear to be celluloid, so this is probably an early 1930s pen.  The nib is marked “EHCO”, Eggens-Hambler’s own mark, and it is a 14K #2 size. It writes with a little flex, but is firmer than many ringtops; a nice writer for an overwriting lefty or anyone who wants a ringtop without a lot of flex. 

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