About This Model

Edacoto was one of the first major fountain pen and mechanical pencil manufacturers in France. From their start in the WWI years, they produced lever-filled and safety pens starting in 1922. Their real start as a fountain pen company came in 1930, when they formed a trade alliance with Aurora, marketing Aurora pens with matching Edacoto pencils in France. Their 104 line, their first extensive line of their own, was successful throughout the 1930's, with very well-made, handsome pens. This enabled Edacoto to expand upwards, with more elegant and larger pens, including the Transparente/Super 200 and the 87. After WWII, Edacoto struggled for survival, with ballpoints, with lower quality, and with a consortium of manufacturers. Ultimately, Edacoto was absorbed into Mallat in 1958, and the brand disappeared in the mid-1960s.

About This Pen

An elegant example of a French postwar pen, in brown and green marbled celluloid, this Edacato is in very good user condition.  It displays the typical characteristics of French manufacture, including the bias rolled celluloid sheet and undulating necktie clip design.  Trim is in silver, and there is almost no tarnish. The nib is marked “Pallix”, an Edacoto brand, and writes a fine/medium with a bit of feedback.  

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