Eberhard Faber Permapoint


About This Model

Fountain pens were a second product line for Eberhard Faber, the venerable pencil manufacturer based in New York City. There is very little available information, but what there is points to a need to compete with Esterbrook and other lower-priced fountain pens during the pre-and post-WWII years. Their significant model was the Permapoint, which appeared in at least three model types from probably the late 1930s until the 1950s. To the best of my knowledge, the fountain pens did not survive past the middle 1950s.

About This Pen

This Permapoint is, from what I’ve seen, the most decorative model, and this example is the nicest Permapoint I’ve seen. It’s a very solidly built pen, full-sized at five inches long and .45″ across just south of the cap lip, made of deep red, horizontally black striated celluloid. It carries a handsome inch-high chrome crown, with the clip hung across its top and a series of stepped circles on the top. The chrome clip and lever are also very clean and untarnished. The pen itself is in very nice, attractive condition, with no significant marks. The Permapoint imprint is quite deep and easily read. The steel nib is Faber-branded, and writes a very firm extra fine. A nice pen from a pencil manufacturer!

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