Eberhard Faber Permapoint


About This Model

Fountain pens were a second product line for Eberhard Faber, the venerable pencil manufacturer based in New York City. There is very little available information, but what there is points to a need to compete with Esterbrook and other lower-priced fountain pens during the pre-and post-WWII years. Their significant model was the Permapoint, which appeared in at least three model types from probably the late 1930s until the 1950s. To the best of my knowledge, the fountain pens did not survive past the middle 1950s.

About This Pen

Permapoints are not great pens, but the nicer survivors are fun to look at and often very decent writers. This is a very nice example, in red-orange snakeskin patterned plastic with a tan swirl. Honestly, how often does one see red-orange snakeskin? The barrel and cap are generally unmarked and attractive. Cap crown and barrel base have matching step patterns that are unblemished. The base of the barrel does have a minor puncture. Clip, lever, and cap ring are clean and largely unmarked. There is a little bit of swelling around the lever. The pen is full-sized, at 5.2” long capped and 0.5” wide just below the cap. The steel nib is the original, marked “Eberhard Faber USA”, that writes a wet, smooth enough fine/medium.

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