Diamond Point

About This Model

Diamond Point was one of many minor New York City manufacturers of decent quality fountain pens that reached their apex in the 1920s, only to lose their significance and production quality during the Depression. As noted by Richard Binder and others, management change in or around 1920 renamed the firm to the New Diamond Point Pen Company, and their quality was improved. These are often very substantial and handsome pens, both before 1920 when they were made of ebonite, and after, when they were predominantly made of celluloid.

About This Pen

Diamond Points come in a variety of sizes; this one is a shorter (4 1/2″ long capped) and more slender (.4″ wide) example of their nicer celluloid output of the 1930s, in a deep red herringbone-like pattern. It’s a very attractive pen, shows almost no use or storage wear in the celluloid and trim. Like many Diamond Points, its crown and base are simple closures of the cap and body. The trim is gold plate, including an ornamental cap ring and the Diamond Point branded clip. Also typical of Diamond Points, this pen does not have an imprint, but there is a small professional personalization of “AEM” on the barrel. Under the cap, there is a clear view window, and the gold plate nib engraved “New Diamond Point Pen Co. USA”. Since the gripping section/view window are in clear plastic, one should assume this is a late 1930s, perhaps even early 1940s pen. The nib writes a full and wet fine line, a very nice writer! Use this pen without worry; it will be good for a bag or shirt pocket.

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