Delta Fusion 82

About This Model

Delta was an Italian pen manufacturer, and unlike most, a relatively new company. They opened in 1982 as a private company, and made very high quality pens. Perhaps best known for the orange and black Dolcevita, Delta's pens were elegant writers in decorative bodies, and their hallmark was small runs of handmade pens. Their later Fusion series was quite innovative, adding a gold overlay to a steel nib. During the 1990s, Delta produced a number of limited editions, including the Astra, in green, red, and black celluloid. Delta closed in 2017.

About This Pen

Italy 2009-10. Limited edition #0132, green/gray marbled resin, Fusion nib. C/C filler. Currently with Edison B nib; Fusion overlay separated, so nib awaits its turn to be repaired. Was used for signing thousands of checks at work for years, filled with vintage Sheaffer Permanent Blue-Black, a very fast-drying iron gall ink.

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