Delta Astra


About This Model

Delta was an Italian pen manufacturer, and unlike most, a relatively new company. They opened in 1982 as a private company, and made very high quality pens. Perhaps best known for the orange and black Dolcevita, Delta's pens were elegant writers in decorative bodies, and their hallmark was small runs of handmade pens. Their later Fusion series was quite innovative, adding a gold overlay to a steel nib. During the 1990s, Delta produced a number of limited editions, including the Astra, in green, red, and black celluloid. Delta closed in 2017.

About This Pen

The Astra was a limited edition series produced by Delta in 1995-6 that are very rarely seen today. The pens were of solid ebonite rod, in green, black, and red, in three sized. This example is believed to be the middle size, 14cm long and 1.7cm wide just below the cap lip, in green, with long darker green streaks in the ebonite. This pen, number 0877 (I believe there were 1000 made of each color and each of three sizes), has been used very lightly and shows no evidence of use. As can be seen in the photographs, there is a bit of discoloration, which is unavoidable in ebonite; it is darker under the cap. However, with the gold trim, including double cap rings and bright gold lever, it is very handsome. The imprint is formal and complete, with the Delta insignia inside the usual text for Italian pens, “Fabrica Italiana; Di Penne Stilografiche”. The nib is 18K, made by Delta. It writes a smooth, firm fine line with some shading, and completes this elegant and beautiful pen. This pen also comes with a bottle of special green ink, sold as part of the Astra’s limited edition. Both originally were in a presentation case, which did not survive. I also have an identical pen in the smaller size that will be in the next inventory batch, but if you would like both, let me know, a discount for purchasing both will be available.  

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