Conway Stewart Dandy


About This Model

Timsvintagepens is not a modern pens restoration and sales practice, but modern pens inevitably find their way to Timsvintagepens. My dividing line between modern and vintage pens is usually the absence of a latex sac and a sac filling mechanism; instead, they usually have cartridge/converters, pistons or captured pistons. Modern, larger batch pens are only rarely made of ebonite or celluloid, are usually made of acrylic resins.

About This Pen

This is an interesting case, a beautiful, flawed recreation of a classic. Conway Stewart remakes have resurfaced a few times in recent years. This pen is a limited edition (5/500) Dandy from the modern Conway Stewart company, manufactured around 2010. It is a strikingly beautiful pen, a lever filler in a clear brown resin with ochre green marbling. Trim is all gold, and the styling clearly reminds one of the earlier Dandy — a stepped clip engraved with a prominent CS, three matching gold cap rings, a derby crown and handsome gold engraved clip. The imprint is full and legible. Capped, this pen is 12.7cm long and 1.2cm across just below the bap edge. The nib is 18k medium, but it is more a broad nib with a bit of stub, and writes a full, wet line. So, the flaw? Well, this pen was broken when it came to me, a messy, multiple-part break at the base of the barrel. Luckily, the broken pieces came with the pen, so it was reassembled. The repair work is fixed to a brass sleeve for stability and strength, and the pen’s interior dimensions were necessarily altered to accommodate the sleeve. None of this can be seen with the cap on, and it’s not obtrusive when looked for, but the repair is visible. The cap threads and holds well. This pen is priced at approximately half of the prices seen for these pens when available used, but the price reduction accommodates the decision to not warranty this repair. In summary, a beautiful pen that can take steady use, but use it with a bit of care.

Price: $145 $105 Sold

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