Conway Stewart “Conway”


About This Model

Conway Stewart was a major manufacturer of good to great fountain pens in England for a hundred years, from 1905-2005. During the pre-WWII years they sold far more pens than any other brand in England; one major author believes more than all the other companies' output combined. They were very well-made, good-looking, and great writers with soft, wet, and often flexible nibs. It is interesting that they produced a bewildering quantity of models and colors, including some bright floral patterns in casein during the pre-WWII shortage years.

About This Pen

Although struggling to survive by the 1960s, and by now now producing other desk essentials, Conway Stewart was still producing fountain pens. Their use of injection-molded plastics was the base for most of their late production, and used in all of their pens. The Conway 103 is a mid-1960s pen that came both with a same color cap and a metal cap. This pen is in green, with matching slip cap, a squeeze filler. It has a 14c gold nib, imprinted “Conway”, and is a smooth, soft fine to medium with some flex, the typical Conway Stewart writing experience.

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