Conway Stewart 380


About This Model

Conway Stewart was a major manufacturer of good to great fountain pens in England for a hundred years, from 1905-2005. During the pre-WWII years they sold far more pens than any other brand in England; one major author believes more than all the other companies' output combined. They were very well-made, good-looking, and great writers with soft, wet, and often flexible nibs. It is interesting that they produced a bewildering quantity of models and colors, including some bright floral patterns in casein during the pre-WWII shortage years.

About This Pen

This Conway Stewart 380 is from the resources-short prewar era in England. It is a working person’s pen, in black celluloid, with what appears to be a hard rubber gripping section. It is both a longer (12.8cm) and for its length, slimmer (1 cm) pen than most. The gold cap rings, tassie ring/clip, and lever are very attractive against the black body. This pen does show its age with use wear and discoloration in the celluloid, but cleaned up very well and has no significant nicks or scratches. The imprint is complete but quite faint. The nib, the original CS 5, writes a full and wet medium, with a bit of feedback, a very nice writer. This is a timepiece from difficult times, enjoy it!

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