Columbus Stiliridio

About This Model

Columbus, actually Alfredo Verga dei Fratelli Verga Snc, is one of those venerable Italian companies that is hard to describe succinctly. Founded by Alfredo and Eugenio Verga in Milan, they were early in the market, selling their own pens as early as 1918. For the next twenty years, most of their production was known to be evocative, often frank copies, of other companies’, particularly American, to enable local sales for this regional company. However, their work was of very high technical quality and with outstanding and creative design, often better than those they copied. By the 1930s, they added the Extra line, which was not so much a product line as the higher level of their current work, whatever they were producing at the time. From then through the 1950s, Columbus continued to produce very attractive, very well made pens that copied the dominant, usually American, styles of the day. By the middle 1950s, their work had moved completely into plastics, and quality diminished with the shrinking pen market. The company and the name sold in 1992.

About This Pen

Italy, 1939. Beautiful brown and grey celluloid, button-filler, long tine fine flex nib. There is very little published in English about this Columbus sub-brand. My first vintage Italian pen; it got me hooked.

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