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There are Bankers, New Bankers, and Banker fountain pens, of which this Banker is apparently the least known, certainly the least published. Bankers Pens were early hard rubber pens, New Bankers were 1920’s lower quality pens with rounded caps, and this Banker, a 1930’s lower cost pen which has a woodgrain appearance. It is a handsome, very substantial pen, 5” long and a half inch across just below the cap, with flat ends. There is very little evidence of wear, no scratches, relativelhy clean trim. Curiously, the cap ring, which is installed upside down, has “Gold Filled – Waterson” imprinted in tiny letters. Could this pen be a Waterson, which was a third tier pen maker in the late 1920’s but usually didn’t use cap rings, or was the cap ring added later? No idea. This pen’s only fault is its nib, which gives away its heritage. It is imprinted “Warranted 14K Indestructible”, but from the worn finish one has to doubt all three terms. The tipping is thin on one tine. That said, it does write a very nice full medium, and is an attractive pen!

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